The Cosmetic Skin and Injectables Associates is a ‘not for profit’, association. The CSIA has been set up for the welfare of the public and members alike. The association welcomes all industry professionals who deliver both aesthetic and cosmetic procedures and who wish to be represented by an ethical, transparent association.

Whether a medical or non-medical practitioner, our association is open to all who work professionally towards a leading career to ensure they practise safely within the aesthetic and cosmetic industry.

In return, we strictly require that all strongly abide by our code of conduct and maintain a CSIA membership and insurance for the procedures they are trained to carry out for the safety of the public and their clients.

We require that all members also hold a fully accredited certificate of training and are trained up-to-the appropriate and legally required educational level in Aesthetics.

CSIA Memberships:

Student Membership (£19.99 per month) – A Student membership is for those who have trained via the CSIA. Their training membership and course fees give them access to all of the benefits that our membership entails, which are listed below.
Associated Members (£24.99) – A membership for those who have trained with a different training school but who want to have the CSIA benefits, which are listed below.
All membership payment set-ups are required prior to booking any training courses or insurance with us.

Membership benefits include:

Continuous Professional Development
Book in for extra refresher courses if you feel the need for extra practice
Discounts on all future training courses
Registration with your own Prescriber for face-to-face prescription service, regular prescription service and Prescription Only Medicines.
Guaranteed Insurance set up and cover with one of the most respected insurance providers within the UK for both Medics and Non-Medics.
Registration and access to a leading UK pharmacy who will deal with product queries and orders of prescription medicine.
A social network interaction with a group of aesthetics practitioners.
Up-to-date training courses, new qualifications leading to 2019 for the new HEE framework.
Access to fully accredited, level 7 Aesthetics courses (All of our courses are accredited and are level 7. All practitioners must be educated and trained up-to level 7 in Aesthetics by September 2018).
Access to a CPD accreditated Training Academy
Ongoing support and guidance
Low-cost Insurance
First priority to bookings for cost price model treatment for yourself, friends and family.
Attendance at yearly meetings and events
Regular newsletters

*Cancellation or non-payment of CSIA membership forfeits all members benefits including insurance cover.