The CSIA stands for the Cosmetics Skin and Injectable Associates and is a “Not for Profit” association organised for the public and members alike, which works closely alongside its reputable CPD accredited Aesthetics & Cosmetics training academy and clinic.

Woman receiving a botox injection in the lips zone lying in bathrobe on the medical couch

A few words about our


The CSIA stands in order to bring together members to support, help, guide and communicate with aesthetics practitioners across the UK to ensure that they are practising and performing procedures safely and lawfully within the aesthetics industry.


The CSIA strictly runs to keep cosmetic and aesthetics practitioners up to date with all of the current and future HEE Guidelines via regular newsletters and meetings and exists to provide a stable structure for professionals to work on.


All members can, therefore, take advantage of membership benefits, whilst being able to access 24-hour ongoing help and support from our Aesthetics teaching staff.